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Thanks to you all!

February 18, 2008

Me, being both a bit of a non-sleeper and mildly obsessive on certain things, just checked the stats for my blog. 1,017 hits! Thanks to you all for reading. Sometimes this is difficult when the only feedback is seeing those numbers. Please email, comment, or send a homing pigeon and let me know what you think. I’m intensely interested as to what is on people’s minds and what I can do to better this blog. In the meantime, here’s to the next thousand!


Thank you very much!

February 9, 2008

I’d like to welcome everyone who found me via Felix Salmon’s Market Movers blog. Please look around, I have about 10 more posts either ready or in the works. I would encourage you to subscribe to my feed and comment on whatever you find either interesting, absurd, useful, or irrelevant. Please feel, not just free, but encouraged to email me about things you would like to read about, suggestions, or tips.

Inaugural Post

February 3, 2008

Hello all. Please read my “About” page. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a fun and informative ride. I really hope that something will be garnered from these pages that’s both valuable and provides some insight that can be taken to other parts of one’s life. I hope to bring things out that help people understand finance better and understand themselves better. And now, on with the show.